Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is the quickest and least expensive way to generate low volumes of highly functioning parts. In many cases, urethane can mimic injection molded components very closely or even replace it altogether.

This process is used for many reasons; some of which include:

  • Speed: when there is little time to generate fully functioning parts
  • Quantity: there is no justification for hard tooling
  • As bridge tooling until injection molding is ready
  • When required features are cost prohibitive to replicate using injection molding such as near hollow internal features like wire chases
  • JIT ordering systems that require smaller quantities with longer periods of restocking in-between. JIT in combination with urethane casting reduces cash out of hand.
  • Required inserts have great variance in dimension or a high degree of complexity that rigid tooling could never conform to
  • Part configurations change quickly therefore the need for retooling is frequent; such as the case with production “pucks”.

Although the process is simple in principle, a successful urethane program is a balance of mechanical aptitude, knowledge of chemistry and experienced artistry. There are choices to be made for the resins and mold materials, for fill and vent locations, for core and part line placement and more. Anza has the experience to make the correct decisions and create the parts your project needs on a timely basis.